Mosier Fire is looking for a member of the budget committee. Budget committee members meet several times in the Spring to review the budget and make suggestions. If you are interested in serving on the budget committee please contact Board President Joanne Rubin at with a statement of interest.

We are also still looking for a board recorder to prepare minutes of board meetings. Board meetings are recorded to help with preparation of the minutes. It is not necessary to attend all the meetings; minutes can be prepared using the recording as necessary. Although minutes may seem like a detail, we are frequently required to produce copies of them for various matters and thus they are an essential function of a public entity. If you would be willing to volunteer to help Mosier Fire in this way, please contact Board President Joanne Rubin.

Finally, there will be four positions on the Mosier Fire Board up for election in May. People who are interested in running for one of the positions must file with the county clerk by March 16. The Board will discuss who among the incumbent board members intend to run at the regular March 9th meeting.