Auxiliary Member and Volunteer Recruitment

The Mosier Fire District is looking for individuals who would like to give back to their community, learn a trade, learn new skills, make lasting friendships, and open the doors to a possible new career path.

What areas are the Mosier FD looking to fill?

The Mosier FD is looking to fill the roles of Volunteer Firefighters, Volunteer EMT’s, and Volunteer Auxiliary Members.

I’d like to help, but I don’t want to be a firefighter and I don’t like the sight of blood. Can I still Volunteer?

Yes. The Mosier Fire District is putting together an Auxiliary Member Program. With this program, an individual can volunteer and help the district by helping “behind the scenes”.

For example; helping to staff public education and static display tables at local events, assisting with administrative duties, as needed, or helping to drive and operate a Rehabilitation vehicle (commonly called a Rehab Truck), when needed on a major Mosier FD or county incident, among many other possibilities.

If interested, please contact the Mosier Fire District at (541) 478-3333, or