2022-2023 Budget Committee Documents

Documents for May 5 Meeting

form-lb-30_504-030 General Fund 23 Ver 5-02-22

Documents for April 26 Meeting

2022.04.26 Budget Committee Notice

form-lb-10_504-010 UP – 23 Equipment (Cap Reserve) Fund-2

form-lb-10_504-010 UP – 23Dry Hydrant Fund

form-lb-10_504-010 UP – 23 Joint Use Facility Fund

form-lb-10_504-010 23 MosierCenter Fund

form-lb-10_504-010 23 Giswold Bequest (Cap Reserve) Fund

form-lb-20_504-020 General Fund23

form-lb-11_504-011 23 Capital Reserve

MFD District Values

First Budget for April 21 Meeting

2022 MFD Budget Letter

2022.04.21 Budget Meeting Notice

form-lb-10_504-010 UP – 21 Dry Hydrant Fund Adopted

form-lb-10_504-010 21 (1) Grant Fund

form-lb-10_504-010 UP – 21 Equipment (Cap Reserve) Fund

form-lb-10_504-010 UP – 21 Giswold Bequest (Cap Reserve) Fund

form-lb-10_504-010 UP – 21 Joint Use Facility Fund

form-lb-11_504-011 21 Capital Reserve

form-lb-20_504-020 General Fund

form-lb-30_504-030 (Ver 5) General Fund (21) pg 2

2021-2022 Final Draft Budget for June 22nd Budget Hearing and Board Meeting

2021-22 Final Draft Budget

2021 – 2022 Budget Meeting Minutes

2021.06.22 BudgetMeeting MINUTES

2021.06.01 BudgetMeeting MINUTES

2021.05.18 BudgetMeeting MINUTES

2021.04.27 BudgetMeeting MINUTES

2021.04.06 BudgetMeeting MINUTES

2021 – 2022 Draft Budget for June 1st Budget Meeting

2021.06.01 MFD Draft Budget Forms

2021.06.01 Budget Meeting Agenda and Zoom announcement

2021 – 2022 Draft Budget for May 18th Budget Meeting

21-22_20210514111843 Draft Budget Forms

2021 – 2022 Draft Budget for April 27th Budget Meeting

Draft Budget Forms 2021-2022

2021.04.27 Budget Message

2020 – 2021 Budget

2020-2021 MFD Budget

2019 – 2020 Budget

2019 – 2020 Budget Forms

2018 – 2019 Budget

Budget Message 2018

form-lb-1-Mosier Fire District (2)

form-lb-10_504-010 Grant Fund Approved (2)

form-lb-10_504-010 UP – Dry Hydrant Fund Approved (2)

form-lb-10_504-010 UP – Equipment (Cap Reserve) Fund Approved (1)

form-lb-10_504-010 UP – Joint Use Facility Fund Approved (1)

form-lb-10_504-010 UP -Giswold Bequest (Cap Reserve) Fund Approved (1)

form-lb-11_504-011 Capital Reserve Proposed Approved (1)

form-lb-30_504-030 General Fund Proposed Approved (1)

Tax Revenue Projection 2018-2019 (1)

2017 – 2018 Budget

Budget Message 2017-2018

2017-18 Budget Resolution

form-lb-10_504-010 Grant Fund

form-lb-11_504-011 Capital Reserve

form-lb-20_504-020 General Fund

form-lb-30_504-030 General Fund-1

form-lb-30_504-030 General Fund-2

*     *     *

2016-2017 Budget

Mosier Fire Budget Resolution 2016-17

General Resources form-lb-20_2016-17

General Fund form-lb-10_2016-17

Requirements Summary form-lb-30_2016-17 Allocated

Requirements Summary form-lb-30_2016-17 Non-Allocated

Grant Fund form-lb-10_2016-17

Capital Reserve form lb-10_2016-17

    *     *     *

2015-2016 Budget


15-16 CAP RESERVE form-LB-10

15-16 GRANT form-LB-10




*    *     *

2014-2015 Budget


Final LB-10 – Capital Reserve Fund

Final LB-10 –  Grant Fund

Final LB-20 – Resources General Fund

Final LB-30 – Requirements General Fund

* * *

2013-2014 Budget

2012-13 P&L (as presented to Budget Committee)

2012-2013 P&L FULL YEAR


LB-10 – Capital Reserve Fund

LB-10 – Grant Fund

LB-20 – Resources Gen. Fund

LB-30 Requirements Summary

*     *     *

2012-2013 Budget

2012-13 Capital Reserve Fund Form LB-10

2012-13 Grant Fund Form LB-10

2012-13 General Fund – Resources Form LB-20

2012-13 General Fund – Requirements Form LB-30

*     *     *

2011-2012 Budget

The Mosier Fire District budget for fiscal year 2011-2012 (7/1/11 – 6/30/12) has been reviewed and approved by the budget committee, consisting of the Board and up to five civilian volunteers.  Scott Baker (chair), Marc Berry, and Bill Reeves are the civilian members.

The Board will adopt the Approved Budget on June 9, 2011.

Here is a link to the draft budget for 2011-2012.

Here is a link to the Approved Budget for 2011 – 2012

*     *     *

2010-2011 Budget

Hard copies of the approved 2010 – 2011 budget are available at the Mosier Fire Office or Mosier City Hall, both at 208 Washington Street.

The PDF files linked below are the spreadsheets which the Board reviewed and approved on July 7, 2010.

The final budget resolution is in a different form, but codifying the same financial information.

FIRST-YEAR   BUDGET   2010 – 2011

THIRD-YEAR   BUDGET   2012 – 2013

6 responses to “Budget

  1. Shoot- the first year budget was up earlier today- can you please re post? Thanks

  2. At yours, and the commissioner’s request Tuesday, I am happy to volunteer to help spread the word and help build awareness and support for the new Mosier fire district. Maybe we will, at last, get to work together in local fire service!

    I have created a flyer to get local citizens to attend the upcoming budget meeting.
    Let me know if you have any changes.


  3. Congratulations on the forming of the new Fire District! As we bask in the glow of victory I think it is important to respect and acknowledge that over 40% of our friends and neighbors voted to NOT form this District. Clearly everyone values the work that the volunteers do…so they must have felt that they simply could not afford the extra $25 (or more) per month in fees. Please Please do not get carried away with your new taxing power. I would urge you to create a budget at much more reasonable amount than $1.65 p/k, and certainly not up to the full $2.10! Please respect the financial reality that affects many people in this valley and do not hire a full time chief, focus on training and equipment for the volunteers. Please question the need for SCBAs due to high cost of equip and training required. Anything more than doubling the current budget seems ridiculous at a time when so many are struggling. Thank you again for all of your dedication. Scott

  4. Thanks Scott —

    Just so we’re clear, your own taxes will go up by much less than $100/yr, even at the rate limit of $2.10. If you know otherwise, please set me straight.

    Here’s some information you may find helpful in understanding the effect of the tax:

    At least 256 residential properties in this district have a taxable assessed value (TAV) between $20,oooo and $100,000. (There are undoubtedly residences with a TAV below $20K but the data is hard to filter at the low end.)

    189 residential properties in this district have at TAV between $100K – 199K.

    83 residential properties in this district have a TAV between $200K – 299K.

    26 residential properties in this district have a TAV between $300K – 399K.

    Eleven properties in this district have a TAV between $400K – 499K.

    Five properties have a TAV between $500K – 599K.

    Two properties have a TAV between $600K – 699K.

    One property has a TAV between $700K – 799K.

    There are no properties between $800K – 899K.

    One property has a TAV between $900K – 999K.

    Two properties have TAV’s of $1.6M.

    Our highest-value residential property has a TAV of $1.9M.

    That’s about 560 households.

    The median (No. 280 out of 560) has a TAV of $113K, meaning that fifty percent of the households in our district will pay less than $237 in total fire district tax.

    Two-thirds of the residential properties in the district will pay less than $25 per month.

    * * *

    I don’t dispute that hard times are here, and I want to assure you that we are looking to hold the budget to essentials only. I would dispute your remedy, though: SCBA’s are essential for all structure and vehicle fires, and without them we are putting firefighters and our community at risk.

    A great deal of thought and care has gone into the proposed budget, which has evolved from the version linked to above. I would hope that in due time most of the 140 voters who opposed the fire district will see this both as affordable and as money well spent.

    — Jim Appleton, Mosier Fire Chief

    • Hello Jim,
      Thank you for your thoughtful reply. To answer your question my personal taxes will go up $168 per year. (it has already been pointed out that your online tax rate calculator underestimates for city residents…maybe you used that calculator to come up your much lower number?) Fortunatly I am employed and can afford the increase. Many people are not so lucky. I am just trying to take their situation into consideration. Unifying into a single district was a common sense solution to a problem and I am glad that the measure passed. The $2.10 tax rate was sold to me as a voter because it was advantageous to match the rate of our neighbor. I was also told that it was up to the board to set an annual rate and that our current budget was $45,000. But the posted budget is at the maximum rate and includes a paid chief costing the residents $32 per hour. I suggest that we create a more reasonable budget without a paid chief and try that for a year or two and then revisit the question. Or at least consider hiring somebody very part-time. Just my two cents, I won’t be able to make the meeting.

  5. Thanks Scott —

    On the amount of your tax, you are correct at $168. I believe I didn’t clear my calculator before multiplying. Sorry for the error, and thanks for the correction.

    I want to point out that the on-line tax chart did indeed show the City’s full and accurate tax breakdown. You had to select a link to another page. These charts have been updated just today, not because they were faulty but because they were created with the pre-election status quo in mind, refering to the new district as a hypothetical and the old RFPD as current reality. Please tell me if you have a problem accessing the City pages.

    I respectfully disagree that our department can continue with volunteer leadership. This is a very important position with an immense responsibility and whoever does the job deserves decent compensation.

    I also respectfully disagree that this is a time to hold down costs below a level which ensures we can keep moving toward key goals. We’ve compromised for fifty years to keep fire budgets down, and we’ve come very close to disaster because of it. Moreover, I’d posit that for most people the difference between $0.90 and $1.65 is relatively affordable (for you we’re talking about $60/yr). I’ve lived and breathed the County’s tax roll for over a year now and gotten to know how this tax will affect just about everyone — it’s my business to have a clear picture. If there is no right time to raise anyone’s taxes, in the scheme of things (and keeping in mind the distribution of TAV’s shown above) a Year-One levy of around $1.40 – $1.65 is approaching affordable, for a service we can’t live without.

    As I mentioned yesterday, the current version of the proposed budget has evolved from the on-line version. We’re now looking at a chief at $36K for Year-One. This is at the bottom end of “normal” for a department of our size and call volume. This leadership position is essential for our department and, ultimately, for community safety. I have not been offered the job, and I’ve actively recruited a number of very good candidates, all of whom have declined. If the Board chooses to offer me the position, I’m ready and willing, and completely dedicated to serving this community.

    Sorry you can’t be there. I will see that your thoughts are represented.

    — Jim Appleton, Mosier Fire Chief

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