Hiring Seasonal firefighters

The Mosier Fire District is glad to announce being a recipient of a 2023 OSFM Wildland Staffing Grant.

The Mosier Fire District is looking to bring on seasonal firefighters starting on June 15, 2023 until September 30, 2023 tentatively (depending on sustainability of funding). The District is looking for friendly, hard working individuals who are willing to work 8 hour shifts (Sunday through Saturday).

The requirements is NWCG Firefighter 2, with preferences to NWCG Firefighter 1, NFPA (or Oregon equivalent) Firefighter 1, NFPA Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator, and NWCG Crew Boss. Please attach proof of certification(s) at time of application.

Duties would include providing Wildland Fire response within the Mosier Fire District, responding to “normal” calls for service within the Mosier Fire District along side the volunteers of the Mosier Fire District, participate in training, and perform administrative and other duties as assigned by the Fire Chief.

The maximum hour authorized per week is 32 hours. The Salary is $20.25 per hour.

Anyone that meets the minimum certification requirements and would like to apply, please send an email to chief@mosierfire.com