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Emergency Medicine

These are current Hood River County EMS Protocols, revised March 2017.  Though we are in Wasco County, Mosier is a licensed non-transport EMS agency in the Ambulance Service Area of Hood River Fire Department.  Since our patients most often go to Providence Hood River Hospital we operate under their Medical Director.  Our scope of practice is “EMT” (six Volunteers), “AEMT” (Chief and three Volunteers), “EMT-I” (one Volunteer), and “EMT-P” (one Volunteer) in these protocols.

Hood River County EMS Protocols 2017

STEMI Checklist

Stroke Checklist

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Administration and Operations

MFD Board Policy 10.20.17

Policies Table of Contents and Overview

Mission and Organization

Use and Maintenance of Policies

Responder Qualifications

Incident Management


Vehicle Operations

DRAFT Infection Control

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