Vegetation Management/Fuels Reduction

Mosier Volunteer Fire and Rescue is committed to helping our customers achieve and maintain a safer home environment by keeping their landscaping free of hazardous vegetation.

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Please click here for information on outdoor burning regulations.

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Fire-safe replacement vegetation can be found from a helpful list compiled by Oregon State University

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Mosier Fire will also visit your property on request to help you assess fire safety and landscaping.  We will start by going through the triage form, and by reviewing fire safety standards.  We will also evaluate and recommend improvements to driveways and turn-arounds, and water supply.

Please note that there are different standards for vegetation in the City of Mosier and the surrounding rural portions of the Fire District.

In the City of Mosier, Ordinance 8.35.070 requires that ALL private property be mowed no higher than ten inches, and cleared of ladder fuels to a height of eight feet between May 1 and September 30.  City Council is in the process of amending this section to require that property owners also maintain their frontage to the improved public right of way, meaning that if your property line stops ten feet from the edge of a road, you have a duty to maintain all the way to the improved road surface.

Outside the City, State law classifies our entire Fire District as having an Extreme Fire Hazard Rating, which generally requires property owners to maintain a fifty- to 100-foot firebreak around all structures, depending on the type of roof.  Property owners are required to file a form with Oregon Department of Forestry every five years, certifying compliance with State fire safety standards.  If you have questions about this requirement, you may contact Oregon Department of Forestry at (541)296.4626, or consult the Oregon Forestland-Urban Interface Fire Protection Act of 1997.  Mosier Fire can assist with recommendations, but we are not responsible for inspections or enforcement on behalf of ODF.

It’s not necessary, nor do we recommend, to create a lunar landscape to ensure fire safety.  For ideas and examples,  browse Firewise, and be sure to visit their gallery.

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