Address Markers


Mosier Fire has license-plate-sized plaques and reflective numbers free of charge (suggested $5 donation per plaque).

Whether you live in the City or outside, it is crucially important that your house number is clearly visible to emergency responders.

We hear this one a lot: “But it will be obvious if my house is on fire.”  Consider that 80% of our calls are medical, and even in a fire it may not be obvious which driveway leads where.

We recommend two plaques, one facing each direction of travel  (even if you live on a dead-end, an emergency responder may miss the address the first time) placed as close to the road as possible near the end of your driveway.  To ensure good visibility, place the markers roughly waist-high and keep them clear of weeds and brush.

Call or email to request markers and a copy of our posting guidelines.


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