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Fire Season in Effect

Effective 12:01 a.m., PDT, June 3, 2016, Oregon Department of Forestry declared Fire Season was in effect.

Effective immediately, Mosier Fire District will be restricting all issued burn permits. The restriction will prohibit all outdoor  burning operations.

This restriction on issued burn permits is a result of recent observed fire behavior and current fire danger indicators. Mosier Fire District will not be issuing any new burn permits until after this year’s fire season.

Please note that failure to follow all the rules on their permit or violate the burning restriction could result in individuals being liable for all costs associated with a response to their operation.

For questions regarding this restriction or any burn permit questions, please contact Kris McNall at 541 478 3333 or


Safely Heating Your Home

Please see recent advice from the Oregon State Fire Marshal concerning home heating safety tips.

Each year, there are thousands of home heating fires in Oregon, many from woodstoves, electric heaters, and extension cords. All of these fires are preventable, whether through improved maintenance such as annual chimney cleaning and inspection, or by avoiding hazards such as improper use of extension cords.