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Mosier Fire District Statement

The Mosier Fire District Board recently placed the Mosier Fire Chief, Jim Appleton, on Administrative leave. This has followed several executive session discussions and months of department “reboot” meetings involving Board, staff, state agencies and volunteers.

While we work through this situation, we want to assure you that the Board and Volunteers are absolutely dedicated to continuing our high quality services to the Mosier community.

The board has appointed Mike Renault as interim Fire Chief. Mike is a well known Emergency Management professional in the Gorge and has over 30 years experience in the fire service. He has has previously been a chief officer, both in the Army and as Chief of Cascade Locks FD.

Mike has been fulfilling the role of Training Officer for our District and he will also continue in that role. The Mosier Fire Fighter Academy will continue to train our new volunteers and aims to graduate seven new qualified fire fighters next spring.

The Fire District’s ability to respond to emergencies has been tested over the past few weeks with a far higher than usual call volume. We are pleased to report that all calls were staffed quickly and effectively.

While the district’s office will be open less often, the administrative functions will be kept up to date and you will see Mike and the volunteers in and around town training, patrolling, and responding to calls as usual.

The Mosier Fire District Board will be working hard over the next weeks and months to define and appoint the appropriate staffing for the administration of the District. And we are eager to talk with the community and hear your thoughts.

Please feel free to call Mike for operational issues on 541 478 3333 or email

You may also contact the MFD Board president Phil Evans on

Or simply attend one of the regular board meetings which includes opportunities for public comment: 2nd Thursday of each month @ 6pm at the Mosier Senior Center.