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Termination of Fire Season

Fire Season is officially over. Below find the formal notice from ODF. Please contact the Fire Chief at 541-478-3333 for a burn permit before doing any burning. Business hours are generally 8:30am – 4:30pm Monday – Friday; if you get our voicemail please leave a message.

Number 16
Effective 12:01 a.m., PDT, October 12, 2018
WHEREAS, it has been determined by the State Forester that conditions of fire hazard no longer exist on the following described:
NOW, THEREFORE, by virtue of the authority invested in me by the provisions of ORS 477.505, do hereby terminate Fire Season on the above described lands.
Nancy Hirsch, Deputy State Forester
Oregon Department of Forestry
October 10, 2018


ODF Regulated Use Terminates at 12:01 October 9

The Oregon Department of Forestry, Central Oregon District, will terminate Regulated Use Closure (Public Restrictions) effective at 12:01 Tuesday October 9, 2018.

As a result of terminating Regulated Use, the following activities will no longer be restricted.

  • Campfires, charcoal and cooking fires are allowed.
  • Chainsaws can be used all day long.
  • Cutting, grinding and welding can occur all day long.
  • Motor vehicles, including motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles can be driven off road.
  • Mowing of dried grass is can occur all day long.
  • Fireworks and blasting are no longer restricted.

Fire Season is still in effect at this time (which requires fire equipment on logging sites with a fire watch).

In addition, the burn ban in Hood River and Wasco counties are still in effect at this time.

ODF tightens Public Use Restrictions



Number 02

Effective 12:01 a.m., PDT, July 20th, 2018

By virtue of the authority vested in me under the provisions of ORS 477.535 to 477.550, I hereby proclaim a Regulated Closure to be in effect in the following subject area: All lands protected by the Central Oregon Forest Protection District, and all forestland within one-eighth mile thereof.

Under this Regulated Closure it is unlawful to be in violation of the following restrictions:

 Smoking is prohibited while traveling, except in vehicles on improved roads.

 Open fires are prohibited, including campfires, charcoal fires, cooking fires and warming fires, except in designated areas. Portable cooking stoves using liquefied or bottled fuels are allowed. Open fires are allowed if conducted in compliance with a valid Burning Permit issued pursuant to ORS 477.515.

 Chainsaw use is prohibited, between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Chainsaw use is permitted at all other hours, if the following firefighting equipment is present with each operating saw: one axe, one shovel, and one operational 8 ounce or larger fire extinguisher. In addition, a fire watch is required at least one hour following the use of each saw.

 Cutting, grinding and welding of metal is prohibited between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. At all other times the area is to be cleared of flammable vegetation and the following fire equipment is required: one axe, one shovel, and one operational 2 ½ pound or larger fire extinguisher in good working order.

 Use of motor vehicles, including motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles, is prohibited, except on improved roads and except for vehicle use by a landowner and employees of the landowner upon their own land while conducting activities associated with their livelihood.

 Possession of the following firefighting equipment is required while traveling in a motorized vehicle, except on federal and state highways, county roads and driveways: one shovel and one gallon of water or one operational 2½ pound or larger fire extinguisher, except all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles which must be equipped with an approved spark arrestor in good working condition.

 Mowing of dried grass with power driven equipment is prohibited, between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., except for the commercial culture and harvest of agricultural crops.

 Use of fireworks is prohibited.

 Blasting is prohibited.

 Any electric fence controller in use shall be: 1) Listed be a nationally recognized testing laboratory or be certified by the Department of Consumer and Business Services; and 2) Operated in compliance with manufacturer’s instructions.

Aside from these restrictions, also prohibited throughout fire season is backyard debris burning, the use of exploding targets and tracer ammunition. (Backyard debris burning is allowed by permit only).

The State Forester or an authorized representative may, in writing, approve a modification or waiver of these requirements.

These restrictions shall remain in effect until replaced, suspended, or terminated by an additional proclamation of the State Forester or an authorized representative.

Maps of the subject area may be viewed at the State Forester’s Office, in Salem, Oregon, and at principal offices of the Forest Protection District.

Definitions of words and phrases used in this proclamation may be found in ORS 477.001, OAR 629-041-0005.

Michael Shaw/District Forester Central Oregon District Oregon Department of Forestry July 18, 2018

No Open Burning

As of Tuesday 5/15/2018 open burning is not allowed. Burn barrels are still ok from 6:00am until 11:00am with a valid permit. Permits can be obtained by contacting Chief Mike Renault. Thank you for keeping our community safe.

Mike Renault now full time at Mosier Fire

Chief Mike Renault has started as full time Chief at Mosier Fire. His hours are generally 8:30am – 4:30pm M-F, though he will be varying those as the job requires. Chief Renault brings over 30 years of experience in the fire service to Mosier Fire. All of us at Mosier Fire look forward to continuing to work with Chief Renault. If you haven’t yet met Mike, stop by and introduce yourself.

Mosier Fire District: changes in leadership and direction – Where we’ve been and where we are going

Late in 2016, Mosier Fire District contracted the Special Districts Association of Oregon (SDAO) to perform a comprehensive audit of Mosier Fire District (MFD,) including staffing, budgets, capacity, operations, safety and planning – to gauge how we can continuously improve.

SDAO expert consultants included three retired Fire Chiefs with decades of experience each, who advised the team on areas of improvement to better serve the growing safety needs of our community.

Once the initial assessment was completed, the MFD Board held months of planning meetings, lengthy discussions with staff, volunteers, state experts, and the public to reinvigorate Mosier Fire Department and determine the next steps forward.

It had become clear that the department’s needs had changed over the last seven years and the Chief’s role was much more complex than during the agency’s start up phase. On 11/8/17, Mosier Fire District Board voted unanimously to conclude its contract with Fire Chief Jim Appleton. This step was made with appreciation for all that Appleton has done for the community.

The board appointed the current Training Officer Mike Renault, a veteran with 30 years of fire service experience, as Interim Fire Chief until future leadership decisions were made.

Where to from here

A commitment to continuous evaluation and improvement are hallmarks of successful public safety agencies. MFD Board takes this commitment seriously, and hired SDAO, the state experts in small public service districts for Oregonians.

We’ve made needed improvements – from enhancing training and volunteer recruitment to policy development and strategic planning. We took action on SDAO’s “top 10” recommendations, which were focused on reducing risk and adopting best practices of the fire service industry.

MFD Board doubled its board meetings, added a second monthly work session and brought in trainers from SDAO to guide staff, Board and volunteers in establishing service priorities.

Our district provides fire suppression, emergency medical services (EMS), rescue of persons and fire prevention activities. We are realigning our organization to meet Mosier’s expanding needs –1400+ households, with a real market value of more than $142 million across 22 square miles, or 14,080 acres.

As a small, mostly volunteer fire and EMS agency with one full time Chief, we still have a ways to go, but we are excited about the enhanced focus of purpose, teamwork and synergy with volunteers, mutual aid and state partners.

The MFD goal is to move forward from our district’s start up phase, to a long-term sustainable operation that is team-based, with a focus on higher safety standards, adding structural fire protection, and enhancing our response model from a “one man band” strategy to professional development and team-based coverage.

Enhanced training and Interim Fire Chief

The Board took swift action on the SDAO recommendation to hire a Training Officer, to ensure our safety training and certifications met industry standards. Mike Renault was hired under contract June 1, with a specific focus of delivering regular trainings, enhancing professional certifications for staff and volunteers, and adding structural fire protection for Mosier homes.

In the short term, he resolved the DPSST (state training standards) re-certification of our agency, which was on the verge of lapsing.

Renault reported to Chief Appleton, who appointed him Division Chief. Hats off to Renault for continuing to move the MFD team forward, staying focused on training and team building, despite changes in leadership.

MFD responders were tested in the interim- and succeeded

Chief Renault and the volunteer team have been tested in the last month with a doubling of our normal call volume. Despite Renault’s part time Chief status, and more frequent emergency calls, our team met all calls promptly and professionally.

Also in the last month, Renault also met with neighboring fire agencies to help expand partnership and mutual aid support with Hood River and Wasco counties. More to come in the future.

Our sincere thanks go to the Fire and EMS team – particularly unpaid volunteers, who have been the heart of our department since its beginning, circa 1919, when a single fire event destroyed much of downtown Mosier.

Where we are headed

After generations of all-volunteer firefighter service, taxpayers began investing in the MFD special tax district seven years ago. After this start up phase, our focus has shifted to raising the bar for Fire and EMS services and safety with a combined paid/volunteer model.

Enhanced teamwork with partner agencies, safety and regulatory compliance, continuous training, and volunteer recruitment and retention are vital. So is adding structural fire protection and much-needed safety focus, after the high-profile fire incidents we have seen in the last decade.

Our promise to you is this – we will continue to listen, ask questions, seek advice and move our district forward, in the best interests of the citizens we serve. MFD is focused on ensuring that our program is effective, maximizes resources and meets the highest, best needs of our community.


Mosier Fire District Statement 11/9/17

On November 8th, 2017, the Mosier Fire District Board voted unanimously to conclude its relationship with Jim Appleton as Chief.
Mike Renault remains acting Chief. Mike is a well known Emergency Management professional in the Gorge and has over 30 years experience in the fire service. He has previously been a chief officer, both in the Army and as Chief of Cascade Locks Fire Department.
The Fire District’s ability to respond to emergencies has been tested over the past weeks with a far higher than usual call volume. We are pleased to report that all calls continue to be staffed quickly and effectively. Mosier Fire Volunteers and Chief Renault continue to provide Emergency Services to Mosier.
The district’s office is open less often, but administrative functions are being performed, and you will see Volunteers and Chief Renault around town training, assisting constituents, and responding to calls. Please feel free to call Chief Renault for administrative or operational issues at 541 478 3333 or email
You may also contact the MFD Board president Phil Evans at  Or simply attend one of the regular board meetings which includes opportunities for public comment: 2nd Thursday of each month @ 6pm at the Mosier Senior Center.