Mosier Fire Budget Hearing Ad – 2016 LB1

Mosier Fire Budget Hearing Ad - 2016 LB1

One response to “Mosier Fire Budget Hearing Ad – 2016 LB1

  1. Re: Civic Center. This setting reminds me of a structure in Salona Beach CA. The interior most spaces contained the now famous Belly Up Pub, a Yoga studio adjoined by other small start up space. Although the yoga class vibe was shattered by Train noise the vintage architecture held the overall experience intact.

    Mosier revenue sources via renting space could “have legs” as a local business incubator. ie. Yoga, dance studio, health fitness gym, retail etc. I would design the quite incubator spaces toward the South, East & West while City offices have interior setting. A perimeter of public outdoor covered porch area would have value and is much needed in town.

    What about two stories similar to the upper floors of the gray port buildings near the Hood River DMV. This view esthetic opportunity could draw high retail rent.

    Best regards,
    Mark Kelch

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