Eagle Creek Fire update 9/7


Fire activity on the Eagle Creek Fire still does not pose a direct threat to the Mosier area as of 10AM Thursday 9/7.

Despite thick smoke, the fire is still approximately twenty-five miles to our west.
Fire officials expect much slower progression of the fire from west to east than the dramatic runs seen earlier in the week on a hot, dry east wind.
I will be informed promptly if that changes, and I will update via email and on our website should things deteriorate in a way which puts the Mosier community on notice.
Otherwise, assume that good progress is being made at stopping the Eagle Creek Fire before it reaches developed areas.
The best current information on the fire, evacuations, and ways to help is at the official Facebook page, Hood River County Sheriff’s website and Twitter feed, and at Inciweb.
It’s still too soon to say when this fire will be stopped.  It could be the better part of a week or more before it is close to contained.  Expect continued heavy smoke for many more days, possibly until fall rains set in.  But as of this morning there is at least reason to hope — cautiously, humbly — that the worst of its effects in Hood River County could soon be over.
Absorbing the scope of what has been lost will not be easy for many of us.  But with luck and continued hard work by many capable people, homes and livelihoods just might come out of this without devastating losses.

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