Eagle Creek Fire


Our report yesterday via Mosier Valley News that the Indian Creek Fire had blown up was in error.

There are now two fires in the Eagle Creek drainage:  the Indian Creek Fire started July 4 seven miles south of Interstate 84 (holding steady at about 350 acres), and the Eagle Creek Fire started yesterday at about 4PM much closer to the trailhead near the Eagle Creek campground and hatchery.
For the moment, the Eagle Creek Fire poses no threat to the Mosier area.  It is thirty miles away to our west, and relatively stable in light wind.
There are no perimeter maps or much information on the new fire yet.  It is reported to be on both sides of Eagle Creek, with at least two hundred acres burnt, and homes threatened on the south side of Interstate 84 in Cascade Locks.
All persons stranded overnight south of the fire are reported to be OK and on their way out.  Further information on this rescue and local evacuations is available from the Hood River County Sheriff’s website.
Considerable ground and air resources are gathering as of 9:00 AM Sunday 9/3 for suppression and structure protection.  The incident response is entirely local at this time (local agencies and mutual aid requests to neighboring counties on both sides of the Columbia), with steps in place to call in statewide resources later today if needed.
The weather will greatly affect the course of this fire over the next several days.
East winds are in the forecast, which can be a bad development for west-side fires because fuels in the wettest part of the Gorge are poorly adapted to the typically drier easterlies.  A hot, dry east wind in rain forest can quickly cause a fire to spread and intensify.  Recent examples are the Herman Creek Fire in 2003 and the Multnomah Falls Fire in 1991.
I will update if the Eagle Creek Fire becomes more of a concern for our fire district.

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