Mosier Civic Center Draft Feasibility Report


Mosier Joint Use Facility Feasibility DRAFT report

Construction Estimate Summary

Here are links to the DRAFT report of the grant-funded feasibility study for the Mosier Civic Center, a proposed joint use facility, encompassing a City Hall, main fire station for the Mosier Fire District, and multi-purpose assembly rooms.

Mosier City Council and the Board of Directors of the Mosier Fire District met jointly in a public meeting on June 7, 2016, for a presentation of this draft report by Scott Moreland, architect and chief consultant for the project management team.  Here is a link to the detailed minutes of that meeting, capturing comments and questions from City Council and MFD Board members, and members of the public.

Both governing bodies are in the process of reviewing the draft report and preparing further questions and comments, which will filter back to the project management team by early August.

A final report will then be prepared based on accumulated responses, for presentation at a public meeting on August 24, 2017.

Notice of the 8/24 meeting will go out within two weeks of the date.

Questions or comments about this material and the process can be directed to members of City Council and the MFD Board, or to City Manager Kathy Fitzpatrick ( or Fire Chief Jim Appleton (

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