Board Candidate Statements



Craig Dorsay

My wife and I have owned 66 acres in the Mosier Fire District since 2001, on Proctor Road. I have a degree in Natural Resources from the University of Michigan concentrating in Forestry and Wildlife Biology, and a law degree from the University of Oregon where I specialized in Natural Resources Law.  I represent a number of governmental agencies on a wide variety of issues including natural resources management.  We have been working on our Mosier property to return it to a healthy and natural state, and I am extremely interested in coordinated and comprehensive fire protection for the entire Mosier Fire District.  I have served on the Fire District Capital Advisory Subcommittee for the last year and a half working to provide more effective and cost-efficient fire protection services for the District.  I appreciate Chief Appleton’s service to the district as a full time Fire Chief and look forward to continued improvement in fire protection coverage and services for the District.  I hope you will let me serve you in that capacity on the Fire District Board.


Todd Reeves

I grew up in Mosier and currently own and manage Mosier WiNet, and also assist on my
family’s orchard. Prior to this, I worked for 18 years as a Tech Support Engineer in high tech.
I hold a B.S. in Electrical Engineering.
Growing up in Mosier, I spent a lot of time helping my dad, who was the assistant Fire Chief for many years.  I helped maintain the fire stations and equipment.  I’ve served as a volunteer responder and am vested in our fire protection district and keeping all of us and our property safe.

There is a lot of work ahead for the Mosier Fire Board, and I’m prepared to do the work both during and outside of fire meetings.  I feel I can work well with the existing board members and complement them with my hands on field experience.  Living in Mosier for much of my life, I feel I have a good perspective of our area’s needs and achievable goals to provide the best coverage possible with our tax dollars.
I was pleased when the board recently hired an outside consultant to perform a gap analysis following the train derailment.  Some urgent matters were raised, and I’m eager to work toward implementing their recommendations to make our community safer.  I am willing to listen and take all input, I want to hear what people have to say about what is working and where there are areas for improvement.

I want to be on the Mosier Fire Board to serve my community. My family has lived in Mosier for four generations, my wife and I are raising our daughter here.  Let’s get the best fire and emergency response resources possible for our safety and the protection of our property.

None of us can do it alone.  I ask for your vote in May, and your help and support as a board member.

    *     *     *


Barb Ayers

I, like Mosier neighbors, evacuated in the Microwave Fire and the Train derailment. I am committed to helping support and grow our local fire and volunteer services at this critical time in our growth and development. I’ve been a Mosier homeowner for 11 years and resident for 10.
I am a Mosier Fire Board member appointed last fall, work as Emergency Manager for Hood River County and have served/ serve Mainstreet Mosier, Hood River Rotary, CGWA and United Way Columbia Gorge. I want to help and bring experience to help – CERT (Community Emergency Response Team,) volunteer programs, disaster preparedness, San Diego Fire-Rescue, small local government and non profits and Providence health.
I worry about us here in Mosier – we are small and need to work together to meet our public safety needs.
I’m not all business. I like to surf and do parades with my surf dogs, SUP and windsurf at Rocky Creek.

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