Mosier Civic Center conceptual plans


17_0215 Mosier Joint Use Facility_Community Meeting Boards


These are copies of the plans presented at a public open house on March 9, 2017.

They represent the work of a grant-funded feasibility study for a joint-use facility combining a City Hall, community spaces, and the main fire station for the Mosier Fire District.

These are conceptual plans only, not a finished design.  We’re not even sure we can build this yet.  Rather, the City Council and the Fire District Board are asking for public input on the concept — what uses can community members and our neighbors and friends imagine taking place here, and how can those uses combine with core functions, adding utility (and possibly sources of revenue to offset cost) within the scope of City and Fire District facilities.

The origin of this idea comes from the Fire District’s need for a new station.  We have looked into several possible locations in and outside the City of Mosier.  There remain good possibilities for a station outside the City, but this location is the only one in the City which has the space and characteristics we need.

In 2013, the City and the Fire District saw an opportunity to join together in a facility on what is now land leased from Union Pacific.  The City has been pursuing a purchase or donation of the land, and at the time (2013) the only allowed use seemed to be for municipal development.

That’s when the idea for a Civic Center began.  We saw an opportunity to create a facility that would mean much more than the individual parts.  Not just a fire station, not just a City office, but a resource and a gathering place for the whole community.

From the Fire District’s perspective, a Civic Center is most beneficial as a home for our family of Volunteers.  They will be the most important users of the facility.  By making their workplace the community’s living room, we increase the amount of time they spend together in proximity to their equipment.  They will train better, recruit more effectively, and be in position to improve and maintain our already impressive responses.

Please take a moment to study these plans.

Use the comment feature below to post questions and comments, and carry on the discussion started in the School Gym on March 9.

Thank you, Mosier!

One response to “Mosier Civic Center conceptual plans

  1. Donald Hoffman

    The conceptual layout is quite nice and would provide a sense of community and a focal point for visitors to the area. A couple of observations. 1. This would be a fairly expensive building in terms of annual operating costs (utilities, maintenance, cleaning, etc.) so in the feasibility review, be sure to evaluate the operating costs versus the current facilities and what the funding sources would be for those costs. 2. For a facility of this size, it would be helpful to have some commercial uses that would both be a revenue source from rent and bring people into the building. Whether that would take the form of a small convenience store, lunch counter, coffee bar, etc. that would have to be evaluated.

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