Burn restrictions lifting October 6, 2016


As of 7:00 AM October 6, 2016, open burning will be allowed in the Mosier Fire District with a valid permit.

If you live outside the City of Mosier and in the Mosier Fire District and have had a permit in the past three years, you are OK to burn small piles and in burn barrels.

If you need a burn permit, please contact me.

Residents of the City of Mosier need to contact City Hall, at 541-478-3505.

Please use caution and good judgment.

Conditions are still a bit dry, so please review and comply with the terms of the permit brochure.

Most importantly:

— Make sure burn piles have proper clearance from dry fuels and things you don’t want to burn up, like your house.

— Keep piles small.  If you need to burn a pile larger than eight feet in diameter and four feet high, please contact the Fire Chief for inspection and approval.
— Do not burn on windy days.

— Have ready to use a hose, fire extinguisher, or tools to put out unintended fire.

— Make sure your fire is down to coals before dark.  Open flame at night often gets a visit from the fire department because your neighbors don’t necessarily know what’s burning.

— Do not burn plastics, trash, or anything but wood or brush.
Thank you one and all for another fairly uneventful fire season!

Safety is everyone’s business!

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