Open Burning Allowed 10/28


As of 7:00 AM Wednesday, October 28, open burning will be allowed in the Mosier Fire District.

No inspection will be required.

Burning permits are required.

Please read and follow the terms of the permit.   In particular, use good judgment, don’t burn on windy days, don’t burn garbage or plastics, and be sure burn piles and barrels have proper clearance – forty feet from buildings and twenty feet from trees or shrubs, and ten feet cleared down to mineral soil.

Daylight hours only.  Please be sure your piles are down to coals by sunset.

For further information, or to request a free, automatically renewing burn permit, contact the Fire Chief at 541-478-3333,  Residents of the City of Mosier please call the City Hall to request a permit.  541-478-3505.

Please burn safely.

A very special thank you to all the fine folks in Mosier who helped keep this remarkably dry year remarkably free from fires.  Good fortune and a community effort kept us safe for another year.  On behalf of the Fire District Board and Volunteers, thank you all for doing your part.

And please don’t forget to ensure fire safety in and around your home in winter, especially overloaded extension cords and other electrical hazards, which account for a high percentage of preventable house fires.

See our website for tips on electrical and home heating safety from the State Fire Marshal.


One response to “Open Burning Allowed 10/28

  1. Greetings Good and Honorable Folks,

    I am very sorry that your community recently had the misfortune of having a crude oil train wreck in your city, and I hear how fortunate it was the winds were not prevailing that day otherwise the fires would have been a lot worse. I daresay a train full of Electric Vehicles and Bicycles wrecking would have been a bad experience(as most train wrecks are) but one that would be a lot easier to clean up and one that would not really affect the Columbia River at all. If you ask me we should leave the oil in the ground where god put it hundreds of millions of years ago. I am about to graduate from Arizona State University with a Master’s in Sustainable Solutions and believe me EVs can easily do everything dear old ICE(Internal Combustion) can do and do it much more efficiently and without a lot of insane risks.

    There are now Electric Buses and Electric Garbage Trucks so why not Electric Fire Engines? Of course China is beating us there too:

    Hey I would love to talk to you more about getting off oil and going alternative routes like Electric. Please let me know if i can assist at all.

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