Grass Fire to the East, on the Washington Side


At about 12:30 PM today, Sunday, September 13, a fire was reported on the Washington side, well east of the Mosier area.

The origin is reported to be at least one mile east of Hwy 197 and north of Hwy 14.  That’s over fifteen miles east of the City of Mosier.  Winds are strong from the west, blowing away from us.

No indication at this time of size or cause.

A large column of smoke may be seen from parts of the Mosier area, and may appear closer than it is.

At this time the fire is not a threat to the Mosier community.  None of our resources are responding at this time. Local crews are well-seasoned in fire fighting over the same ground.

This site will not update unless relevant to the Mosier Fire District.


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