Board Candidate Statements


Ballots have been mailed out for the May 19 election, including a vote on members of the Mosier Fire District Board of Directors.   Completed ballots must be delivered to the Wasco County Clerk on or before close of business on Tuesday, May 19, 2015. 

There is no ballot collection or delivery service in Mosier other than the US Postal Service.  If mailing your ballot, please be sure to post it before May 15.

Four positions are open on the Mosier Fire District Board of Directors.

The ballot lists one candidate for each of the four positions:  Joanne Rubin, Mac Jervey, Phil Evans, and Joe Sacamano.

Here are statements submitted by those candidates.


Joanne Rubin

I am thrilled with my recent appointment to the Board for the Mosier Fire District. I have been an active participant for approximately 6 months now and find the Mosier Fire District to be one of outstanding public safety services including fire prevention, public education, and response to fire, medical and other emergency incidents. 

I currently am the Board liaison to two of the three Fire Department subcommittees, offering me even more insight to the workings of this great Fire Department.

I have been a Critical Care/Trauma registered nurse for 33 years. I started my career as an active duty US Navy officer working in the critical care unit of the Bethesda Naval Hospital in San Diego, CA and my most recent position has been as the Vice President in charge of Medical Operations for California Shock Trauma Air Rescue, the largest air ambulance company west of the Rocky mountains.

I look forward to my continued tenure with Mosier Fire District.

* * *

Joe Sacamano

Joe is a retired orthopedic surgeon.  

He and his wife, Lynda, have lived in Mosier since 1998. In addition to his decades of professional work in Vancouver, WA, he has an extensive history of volunteer medical work in developing countries around the world and has served on the Board of Directors of Orthopedics Overseas. He spent seven years as a medical officer in the US Army prior to his private practice.  

When not out sea-kayaking or hiking, he continues to be a volunteer tutor for the Gorge Literacy Program. 

“Joe feels strongly about the importance of well trained emergency medical care and will support ongoing effort to provide and maintain training for our volunteers. He also realizes the financial limitations in a small community like ours and will always look for ways to provide fire prevention and control as well as basic emergency medical response without excessive cost.”

* * *


My name is Phil Evans and I am running for the Mosier Fire District Board. 

I grew up on an orchard here in the valley that my family had lived on since homesteading in the 1880’s. I went to elementary school at Mosier, and finished at Wahtonka in The Dalles. I served 4 years in the Air Force and then moved back to Portland to attend Linfield College and graduated with a BS in Nursing. In 2000 I bought an orchard on State Rd, where I still live along with my wife and children, Isabella and Calvin.

I’ve spent the last 18 years working in emergency medicine. 5 years working in a Trauma and Pediatrics ER, and the last 13 working in the ER at Mid Columbia Medical Center. 

From this perspective I’ve developed an appreciation of the changing roles of our emergency services. The expectation used to be for the rural crews to just “scoop and run” but nowadays the standards have evolved. We can’t just roll into a scene and hope for the best anymore. It’s our obligation to provide the Mosier community with the best trained and equiped volunteers that our budget will allow.

In the short time I have served on the board so far, I have really appreciated the wider community support with committee development. Be it for equipment, policies, or budget Mosier has demonstrated that it has many folks willing to spend time to help ensure the success of the Fire Department. 


* * *


My name is Macomb ‘Mac’ Jervey. I grew up in New Jersey and received a BA in Geology from Rutgers University in 1963. I then moved to New Orleans to work for Shell Oil Company in offshore oil and gas exploration. In 1969, I entered graduate school at Louisiana State University and received a PhD Geology in 1974. Since then, my career has been in oil and gas exploration in the United States and Canada. I attained the position of Vice President of Exploration for a prominent and successful Canadian oil company. My wife Gay and I moved to Mosier in 1990 where we began a geological consulting company that continued until our retirement in 2006. I am running for a position on the Board of the Mosier Fire District because I believe that a well-trained and well-equipped fire fighting unit is essential to the safety of the people in our area.


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