Board Vacancies


The Mosier Fire District Board of Directors is in the process of filling vacancies on the Board, as follows.

Because last night’s Board meeting did not make quorum, the Board was unable to appoint a replacement for Vic Hamilton.

Certification of the recall election results is expected today, 12/12/2014 or soon thereafter.   At such time Ken Hudson and Lee Roy Herman’s positions become vacant, leaving a two-person Board, one short of quorum.

That means the Board must now request that the Wasco County Commission appoint a replacement Board member.

Between about December 13, 2014 and late January, 2015, the Wasco County Commission will post a “job opening” on their web site, for one position on the Mosier Fire District Board, to serve the remainder of Vic Hamilton’s term ending June 30, 2015. 

Sometime in late January, 2015, the County Commission will convene with the Mosier Fire District Board, to appoint Vic’s replacement. 

In the meantime, County Staff will have processed applications received in response to their posted “job opening”.   Please refer to the County’s web page for information and application forms, and note the application period opens when the job is posted (not yet posted as of 12/12/2014).

The Board is now tasked with drafting a Job Description for the County’s listing.  A “Draft Job Description” is available elsewhere on our web site, for public comment through 9 AM, Saturday December 13, 2014.  The main language comes from our policy on Mission and Organization.

If you have comments or questions on this draft, please contact Board Secretary Glenn Bartholomew,, or leave a comment below.

*     *     *

In addition to this single position, two more vacancies now need to be filled by appointment. 

Ken Hudson’s term expires June 30, 2015.  A replacement will need to be appointed by a three-person Fire District Board, after the County appoints Vic’s replacement.

Lee Roy Herman’s term expires June 30, 2017.  This position will be replaced in the same time frame as Ken’s.  But the position will stand for election in May 2015, to then serve the remaining two years of Lee Roy’s term.

Finally, all five Board positions will be up for election in May, 2015.

That job description is about to get a lot of use.


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