Special Document Request


Shortly after the Special Board Meeting of October 16, 2014, Mosier resident Steve Seymour submitted a letter requesting several documents from the Mosier Fire District Board.

A copy of that letter is linked here:  SSeymourLetter.

This post is intended to fulfill Steve’s request, by publishing (or linking to) copies of the requested material.

The one item MFD has problems providing is a true copy of digital audio recordings of Board proceedings.  Currently, the recorder we use does not have a way to download.  In lieu of that copy, we link to Mike McKeag’s video from the 10/16 meeting.


*     *     *


–A copy of the Agenda for the 10/9 Board meeting (Mosier Fire District Agenda 10-9-14);

— Copies of handwritten notes taken by the Fire District’s Recording Secretary, Tracie Hornung, at the 10/9/2014 regular Board meeting (10-9-14Minutes);

— Full copy of audio recording from the 10/9 meeting is not available from the Fire District at this time, but links are provided here to Mike McKeag’s audio/video recording of the meeting, Part One, Part Two;

— A copy of the Board Packet distributed prior to the 10/9 meeting (WARNING:  large PDF!  Bd Pkt 10-9-14); and

— Copies of relevant policies and By Laws affecting Board members (2001 Mission and Organization PDF, Org Chart AUG 2013; the Board has reviewed but to date not adopted at least one set of boiler-plate board policies which are not available at this time; additional MFD operational policies can be found on a separate page).

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