Special Board Meeting 10/16/2014


10-16-14 Special Meeting


There will be a Special Meeting of the Mosier Fire District Board no earlier than 7PM on Thursday, October 16, 2014.

Venue is the gymnasium at Mosier School.

See announcement at link above for further information.

One response to “Special Board Meeting 10/16/2014

  1. To: Mosier Fire District Board of Directors
    Re: Mosier’s Fire Chief
    Date: October 16, 2014
    From: Russell and Stephanie Hargrave

    We want you to know that we have felt more secure since Jim Appleton has been fire chief. It is very clear that he is passionate and committed about the safety of our property and our community. We have found Jim to be very accessible and a good partner as we work to protect our lands from fire. He seems to have been successful in building stronger fire-fighting and emergency medical response capabilities. He has recruited, retained, and trained a growing cadre of volunteers, no small feat given the hours each volunteer has to donate and the aging equipment they have to use.

    The board appears to be micro-managing the department. From the board meeting minutes it seems that the board members don’t have a common vision for what the department should be and how it should use its resources. The board members do not seem to empower or in many cases even support the fire chief. Instead the board’s discussions with the chief are often acrimonious and un-professional. The board has also been micro-managing how the department is run.

    We are hoping that the board will take a step back and reconsider these actions and adopt a very different approach.

    Very truly yours,
    Russell and Stephanie Hargrave

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