Wasco County 911 / Sheriff Citizen Alerts




We’re taking this opportunity to put in a plug for cell phone users to sign up for the Wasco County Citizen Alert system, by which the Sheriff’s office communicates emergency messages such as evacuation orders and changes to those orders.  Be aware that the system will only notify based on parameters set by the Sheriff’s office — if the address you register under is outside the notification area, you will not be notified (that’s usually a good thing…).

You don’t have to live in Mosier, or even in Wasco County.  And you can sign up for notification by text, email, fax and many other options.  If you live in Germany and are curious about emergencies in Mosier, you can sign up, as long as you can provide a street address.

Here’s a recent announcement and instructions.

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Citizen Alerts:
The Wasco County Sheriff and Mid-Columbia Fire and Rescue recently launched a Citizen Alert system, which notifies by phone in emergencies.  It’s set up to make phone calls to just about every resident and business in the county, and it can be sorted in just about any way you can imagine as well as by a simple radius around a street address.

It has one weakness: cell phone numbers.  Cell phones don’t always have a local address, and they might not be part of the records used in the Citizen Alert system.

If you want to be sure the Citizen Alert system will call your cell phone if there’s an emergency affecting a given area of the County, go to the County’s website, www.co.wasco.or.us, click on the button for “Citizen Alert Notification Sign Up”, and follow instructions.

The system does a lot more than just make phone calls.  It can deliver text, email, fax, and it can take into account special needs such as if you can’t walk.  It hablas Espanol.  And Tagalog!  But you have to tell it to do so.

You can set it to notify you if your kid’s school gets an emergency notification, as long as you can provide the address of the school.  If you live elsewhere but have friends or family in Mosier, you can sign up to get a 911 text if their house is in the evacuation zone of a fire — again, so long as you can provide the address.

Just specify the address you want attached to your notification and voila!  If any announcement encompasses that address, you will be notified.

You have to go to the website and “opt in” to those and many more features if you want them.

For more information, please call the Fire Chief at 541-478-3333.

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