Rowena Fire — All Quiet


UPDATED 2PM 8/10/2014:

The shift to an east wind this morning brought a strong whiff of the Rowena Fire into Mosier for the first time.

Here’s a link to the most recent infrared map.  From it you can see what’s still smoking — areas of isolated and intense heat, mainly.  Over the next several days, expect further smoldering in pockets of unburned timber and heavier fuels all along the north-facing slope, and a large burnout on the northeast flank.

*     *     *


Expect the Rowena Fire to smoke off and on, possibly for weeks.

“Smokes” SHOULD be well interior in a completely burnt-out safe area.  Part of the intent of the burnouts the last couple of days (8/7 & 8/8) has been to ensure that fire managers were not leaving enough dry forest fuels (between Mosier and the fire) to create a problem (for us!) if a stump or log came back to life.

Do not be alarmed if you see a pretty good column on a dry east-wind September day — trust that local crews will assess quickly and, more than likely, they will do nothing because the threat is negligible.

Other than that the fire should settle gradually into the past.

This site will not update on the Rowena Fire unless there is news for Mosier.

Praise whatever force or dumb luck has kept the big ones out of Mosier for the moment.

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