Rowena Fire update 9:30AM 8/6/2014


A fire started on the steep slope above Exit 76 (Rowena) last night about 10:30PM.

At the moment details are sketchy, but the gist seems to be that level 3 evacuations have been ordered east of Exit 76, and that anyone west of Exit 76 has little cause for concern for now.  Again, this is a best guess listening to radio traffic and monitoring sheriff’s emergency alerts.  Crews have been working hard to secure a line on the west flank of the fire, containing it to the east, and our last indications were that the fire is safely behind the west flank fire line.  This is extremely steep and rough terrain, and much will depend on the weather today.  The Rowena Fire is fairly quiet now, but it could become a monster.

Mosier Fire units are not on this fire at this time.  Chief Appleton was called to assist with scouting a route and guiding resources to the top of the fire from State Road, through the old Ortley town site.  This project lasted all night, finally giving Chief a nap at about 6:30AM

This site will update if there is information relevant to Mosier.  Again, at this time there does not appear to be cause for concern for anyone west of Rowena.

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