Capital Advisory Committee Report


Late last year the Board formed a Capital Advisory Committee to recommend a plan for capital purchasing — replacement of fire trucks, and developing a new station.

The Committee, consisting of Craig Funk (chair), Ken Hudson as Board representative, and our Deputy Chief Pete Wright, has completed its first round of assessment and recommendations.  The Committee expects to reconvene in the Fall and begin phases two and beyond.  For this reason the current report is titled “preliminary”.

The full report is available on our website.


The gist is that although this community has a low volume of emergency calls, the value protected is high, especially for fire.  This is the basis of three recommendations representing our highest priority capital needs:

1) to purchase a new or very late model used small fire engine to take the place of the gray Dodge pick-up we now rely on for nearly every call,

2) to purchase a used water tender with an automatic transmission to replace our 1995 Ford w/ 10-speed manual, and

3) to purchase a used Suburban or other SUV/light truck for utility and EMS, and as our first-out during freezing weather.


Station development, already in its early stages, is identified as part of phase two of the Committee’s work.  Present work encompasses site selection and preliminary budget.


The Board will be taking up these recommendations starting at their July 10 monthly meeting (7 PM, 208 Washington Street).

Anyone interested is encouraged to read the full report and attend at 7 PM on July 10.

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