Outdoor burning coming to a close for the summer


As of noon on June 5, outdoor burn piles are banned until further notice in the Mosier Fire District.

Approved burn barrels and incinerators are still allowed from dawn until 11AM, through the rest of the month of June.

As of July 1, all outdoor burning will be prohibited until further notice.

The summer burn ban lasts until Oregon Department of Forestry says it’s OK to burn again.  This happens not on a fixed date, but according to ODF’s determination of fuels and rainfall, usually sometime in October.

Holders of current burn permits in Mosier Fire District will receive an email in the fall when ODF lifts the burn ban.

For more information, or to request a burn permit, please contact the Fire Chief at 541-478-3333, or mosierfire@gmail.com.  Burn permits are valid through the calendar year and are automatically reissued by mail or email around January 1.  There is no fee for a burn permit.

Fire prediction specialists are saying this summer could be a doozy in our area.  Please be safe!

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