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US Forest Service is conducting a controlled burn off Dell Road, about four miles east of town, beginning around noon on Monday, September 16.

About 100 acres, mostly grass and oak saplings, are the target fuels.

The burn area is between Dell Road, Rowena Dell, and Tom McCall Point.

Burn Map_20130916

(click on photo to enlarge)

You can expect to see  considerable smoke throughout the afternoon.  Fire crews expect to have all smoke extinguished by evening.

Signs are up on State Road warning of “Fire Activity Ahead.”  The signs refer to this controlled burn and nothing else.

There were no lightning strikes in the Mosier area last night, and no fire starts other than the Forest Service controlled burn today.

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UPDATE 6:00 PM 9/16:

Fire crews had a good day, but a late start and slow going due to slightly stronger winds than forecast.

They completed about half of their objective, consisting of most of the eastern section of the area bordered in orange on the map above.

Incident commanders will make a decision tomorrow morning whether or not to try again tomorrow to burn the rest of the unit.

Mosier Fire has staged an engine nearby for structure protection, if the need arises.  No structures are directly downwind of the burn area.  We have a high degree of confidence in the safety of this controlled burn.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Fire Chief at 541-478-3333.

Here is what the burn looked like about 5PM:

McCall Underburn 20130916_1700

(click on photo to enlarge)

UPDATE 9am 9/17:

US Forest Service crews are beginning to fire off the remaining section of the controlled burn at this time.  They expect to have the entire area consumed by noon today, and all smoke extinguished by early evening.

Winds are forecast to increase substantially after 1PM.  That actually ensures good, complete consumption of the target fuels, and fire crews expect to let things smolder well into the afternoon.

There are approximately fifty fire fighters on scene, most of whom are assigned to “holding” — ensuring the fire stays within containment lines.

The actual firing takes place in a highly technical, one-small-bit-at-a-time process which is calculated to balance good, fast fuel consumption with overall safety of crew members and minimizing the chance of a loss of control.

Again, we have a lot of confidence in the safety of this operation, and we are standing by in the unlikely event things go haywire.

Contact the Fire Chief with any questions or comments.

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