Blackburn Fire update noon 8/28

Blackburn Fire - 8-27 night shift

Blackburn Fire, 8/27 night shift briefing map

(click on map to enlarge)

For a wider area view, go to Inciweb, look for the “+” and “-” buttons on the map,and press the “-” button to zoom out.

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The Blackburn Fire / Government Flats Complex is essentially out.

Hundreds of fire fighters are still very hard at work falling partially burned trees and extinguishing hot spots to 300 feet in from the fire’s perimeter.

Incident commanders are calling the fire 75% contained, but in reality it’s very unlikely that it will again rage out of control.  When the fire is mopped up 300 feet inside the control lines, it will be declared “controlled” and crews will dwindle down to just the locals and a few contractors.  Already, teams of specialists are surveying the burnt area to develop a plan for restoration, particularly in the City of The Dalles’s watershed.

There may still be controlled burn-outs along the west flank, and it’s to be expected that portions of the interior will continue to smolder and smoke until well into autumn.  Again, Chief Appleton will be notified promptly if the fire comes back to life and will post news here.  No news is good news.

The map above is the most recent view of operations on the Blackburn fire.  Who knew there is a “weed washing station” on a wild fire …

The map shows several layers of contingency line around the west flank of the fire, ensuring containment even if something gets out of the main fire line.  It’s also a good indication that the area where all the spot fires (long since extinguished) have happened just north of Johns Mill Road may see controlled burn-outs to contain the spotting.  Don’t be alarmed if you see copious smoke some time in the next week or so.

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  1. This website has been wonderful. The updates are very good. I will keep bookmarked for any future needs. Thanks for the good reporting.

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