Blackburn Fire update 9AM Saturday 8/25

Blackburn Fire fire progression map 20130824

Blackburn Fire fire progression map, 8/24/2013

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Light smoke in the air to the east of Mosier this morning is from burn-out operations on the Blackburn Fire, strengthening containment lines, and from portions of the main fire which continue to smolder.  These conditions may persist for a few days, and occasional smokes from the fire’s interior can be expected for many weeks without presenting any threat.  Otherwise the fire is pretty much done causing misery, knock on wood.

There has been no significant unplanned growth in the fire’s perimeter for over two days.

Several spot fires outside containment lines have been promptly dealt with.

Cooler, moist weather today promises further quieting of fire behavior and even less chance for the fire to spot outside lines.

The State Fire Marshal’s structural task forces and administrative overhead team demobilized yesterday at 5PM, turning structure protection over to Mid-Columbia Fire and Rescue.

Oregon Department of Forestry’s conflagration team is increasingly committed to mop-up operations rather than suppression.  They expect to have most of the fire mopped up (completely cold, verified by hand and by infrared sensors) 300 feet in from the fire perimeter in the next few days, and they are planning a transition back to local ODF authorities around mid-week.

Most evacuation orders have been lifted, though areas of the forest remain closed for now.

So the Blackburn Fire appears to be winding down.

The Mosier area really got lucky on this one.  About one square mile, or five percent, of the Blackburn Fire spilled over into the very southernmost end of our drainages, and many miles from the nearest homes.  Weather and an army of very determined fire fighters stopped the fire before it could move north and into our lives.

Mosier Fire is eternally grateful for the hard work of hundreds of fire fighters and support personnel from all parts of the State who tamed the Blackburn Fire.

We hope the events of the last nine days have helped residents of the Fire District and vicinity to look around at their own properties and evaluate fire safety, and to know how to stay informed and when and how to plan for evacuation.

If you have questions about home and community fire safety, or any comments or suggestions, please contact the Fire Chief at 541-478-3333, or

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