Blackburn Fire update 7:30PM 8/22

Blackburn Fire - fire progression map 20130822

There were no significant changes to the perimeter of the Blackburn Fire today.  Brief rain showers, calm winds, and high humidity kept the fire quieted down, while fire fighters worked to secure lines and begin burn-out operations between containment lines and the main fire.

The map shown here earlier today is largely unchanged.  The main fire barely grew, and the goal is still to hold it at the 1710 and 1711 roads, and the BPA powerline easement.

As of tonight’s 5:30 briefing at fire camp, the incident commanders have some confidence that the fire will be stopped in the next 24 hours.  A lot depends on what the wind does.  Tomorrow’s 5:30PM briefing will tell all.

Fire fighters will be burning out large areas tonight and into tomorrow, weather permitting.

If you see flames or smoke overnight, odds are it’s controlled burn-outs to stop the fire.  If the fire gets away, Chief Appleton will be notified immediately and he will update this site.  The chances of the fire escaping containment tonight appear to be low.

*     *     *

The map above shows the Blackburn Fire’s fire progression as of last night — where the fire’s perimeter was at various stages as the fire grew.

Click on the map to enlarge.

For fire junkies, here is the night shift’s briefing map, showing divisions and branches.  Most of the action will be in Branch II, whose assignment is firing off hundreds of acres over the next eighteen hours or so.

Blackburn Fire - 8-22 night shift

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