Evacuations update 4:30PM 8/22

As of 4PM Thursday, 8/22 the only areas in Mosier under Level 3 evacuation orders are Mosier Creek Rd. south of 2855, Godberson Road within three miles of the south end of the road, and Vensel Rd.

That’s straight from the Sheriff.

There are no Level 1 or Level 2 evacuation orders in the Mosier area.

There is no fire anywhere near these areas at this time.  As far as we know the containment lines shown in the map earlier today have held, and although a very small portion of the south end of the Mosier Creek drainage (west of Hedges Grade and south of the powerline) has fire, it is unlikely at this time that the fire will spread.

Our understanding is that the Sheriff ordered the evacuations in anticipation of lightning and high winds earlier today, as a precaution.  We do not know how long the orders will remain in effect, nor what triggers the Sheriff established to place or lift the orders.

If we find out more, we will keep this site updated.

There were three confirmed lightning strikes in Mosier around 1PM today — one in town, one on Rattler Ridge, and one near the Wilson Rd./Mosier Creek intersection.  At the request of ODF, Chief Appleton investigated all three and was unable to find any evidence of fire.  He will continue to monitor the areas.  We also received a little less than half an inch of rain around the same time.

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  1. Thanks for these great updates! greatly appreciated

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