Blackburn update, Noon 8/20

Blackburn perimiter 08-20-2013 11AM

The Blackburn Fire perimeter map above is as of the 11AM briefing at the Incident Command Post, Tuesday August 20.

The map is current as of that time with the exception of about thirty acres which burned this morning just outside the middle of the west flank.  That’s about 0.5% of the total 6,000 acres burned so far.  The newly burned area has initial containment and is not growing.

There was very little growth over the preceding 12 hours.

Winds today and tomorrow are forecast to be relatively lighter than the last three days.  Incident commanders are cautiously optimistic of making good progress.  They are proceeding with a very aggressive, well-staffed suppression plan, establishing and reinforcing Mill Creek as a containment line.  Mosier Fire Chief Jim Appleton will be notified right away in the event the fire runs anywhere north of Mill Creek.

At this time Mosierites and friends can breathe a little easier, although there is still potential for the Blackburn Fire to enter our drainages.

*     *     *

UPDATE  5:30PM 8/20

This was a good day for fire fighters on the Blackburn Fire.

Any significant expansion of the fire’s perimeter was due to controlled burn-outs — fire fighters working to establish a secure line, as with a bulldozer, then firing off the fuels between the line and the fire, reinforcing the containment line by removing the fuel.

The large plumes of smoke late this afternoon were from burn-outs, and they are actually a good sign.  More and more of the Blackburn Fire is being contained.

With another good weather day tomorrow, expect to see further progress and decreasing chance of the fire running out of control.

This website will update on the Blackburn Fire one last time when the fire is controlled, unless things deteriorate.  Rest assured we will be notified promptly if there’s a turn for the worse, and we’ll update here in short order.

When the fire is controlled, we intend to post a fire progression map, showing the perimeter on each day of the fire.  Please check back in a few days.

In the meantime, you can monitor the Blackburn Fire here.

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